ER Innovation

A piece of furniture, or rather a completely new mobility at the Fuori Salone: ​​on the occasion of the famous Milanese week dedicated to furniture and design, the lines and the philosophy of the E-Commuter Ernesto also found space and attention. Between the fountain and the flowerbeds of Viale Restelli, just below the Palazzo di Regione Lombardia, main supporter of the Slow Commuter project, together with CNA Lombardia, Milan, Lario and Brianza, the electric boat of the Yard Cantiere Ernesto Riva was able to hypnotize curious, experts and institutions.

The exhibition was the occasion for a meeting between Daniele Riva, owner of the Cantiere Ernesto Riva Shipyard and Builder, Marco Molteni, editor of the Slow Commuter project, and the institutional partners to set themselves the next targets in sustainable mobility and soft tourism in the Lombard Basins . Pietro Lenna, of the Lombardy Region’s fashion and design operative unit and Emanuele Monti, regional councilor, with the representatives of CNA Lombardia Daniela Cavagna, vice president, Enzo Fantinato, responsible for the Nautical Sector, Silvia Boccetti, responsible for the Competitiveness Area, reiterated the interest to sign a protocol to involve institutions, entrepreneurs and artisans in a virtuous circle of innovation and sustainability made in Italy.