“A yacht is sustainable if it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”
Carlo Bertorello

A new sensibility towards different perceptions of yachting marries perfectly with the search for sustainability towards the environment in coherence with the evolution of normative aspects and the requirements for navigating in protected and internal waters. The Slow Commuter project is part of this trend with specific and innovative aspects, preserving the charm and performance that have always characterized the boats of the Riva Shipyard.



  • Three different deck design option
  • Customized and tailored on customers requests
  • Exclusive optional and set up
  • Multiple batteries options (new tech)
  • 4 months delivery time


  • 7,70 meter length
  • 2,32 meter width
  • 850 Kg weight (without batteries)
  • Approved for 7 people
  • Certified EU standard in C-Category


  • Douglas structures
  • Mahogany coats
  • Bio-resins styrene free
  • Natural paints


  • Numerical control cutting
  • 100% handmade construction
  • Vacuum wood saturation