“The boat is safer anchored at the port; but that’s not the aim of boats.”
Paulo Coelho

Performance is the key to victory. With our 100% electric boat, we are the first ever to change the way of building boats. Being designed to provide the best experience, speed, adrenaline, eye-catching, you name it after you try it. A powerful electric engine, Italian Design for those who love a mix between classic and modern, last but not least, fully Handcrafted.

Boat Characteristics:

  • 7,70 meter length
  • 2,30 meter width
  • 850 Kg weight (without batteries)
  • Approved for 7 people
  • Certified EU standard in C-Category


  • Velocità max: 25 Kn
  • Velocità di crociera: 13 Kn
  • Autonomia a velocità di crociera: 4 h
  • Motore: Brushless sincrono – 100 kW

2021 ER Innovation - P.IVA 03781270131 - Hand Crafted in Italy